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  1. I was just starting to get use to the old site, and now will have to learn this one.....I'm here, but I catch on very slow! LOL! :)

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      Good Morning, June ! I agree that the navigation of this feels awkward ! I hope that we get some added modules from the old site which may indeed bring back many others...
      Enjoy your morning :) !

  2. Welcome, bconner and friends! It is so wonderful to see you all here!!! Thank you for joining us. Please get comfy and stay for a while. :) Thanks so much for your patience as we transition to this new community!

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      I'm happy that they retained my favorite Moderator {^^, !

  3. I don't even know how to ask a Question on this site! Where's the 'ask a question' icon?

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      Hi, almalena! Welcome to the new community!! When you click on the 'Q&A' heading at the top of this page and land on the Q&A landing page, there is a text box at the top of the page. This is the field where you enter a question. Hope this helps! Feel free to reach out with additional questions!

  4. Well, AlmaLena and I are here, my friend... I hope that they expand this greatly !

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      I was going to leave a message for those around. Nice to see people found a way to speak. I was too late and will hope everyone will keep their screen names here for elsewhere.

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      Still trying to figure this thing out thanks for the reply.It seems to be more company controlled andless about there shoppers opinions.

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      Wonderful to see you here, yobarps. :) Thank you for joining us!!

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      Me too, my friend ! I'm hoping for a whirlwind of members to find their way inside :)

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      It's gonna take me weeks !

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      Thanks, Laurel ! Happy early Tuesday :)

  5. Hi.
    I don't understand how this new Kommunity works yet.
    I hope it works well for us.

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      Almalena, feel free to share your questions about the community here! I am happy to help in any way!!