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  1. My older sister is my inspiration! She has taught me how to be a great mom as well as conquering the hurdles of everyday life as I grew older. She is truly an amazing person and whom I am thankful everyday to have in my life.

    My other inspirations, such as Julie, are my 2 kids. They are both so strong in their beliefs and have helped me to stay strong while dealing with my physical disability. But the one who tops my list is my grand-daughter! She has guided me through the darkness and into the light for which I treasure each and every morning when she gets me up each day.

    In reading everyone's post, I can truly see the blessings that we have all experienced and continue to receive!

    Thank you Laurel for posting this wonderful question! ;)

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      Wendy, you are also so blessed ! You've just inspired and motivated me also with your post :):) - Thanks for your thoughtful words )*(

  2. Thank you too, Laurel ! I also get inspired by such questions as these - I'm glad that you all keep this thing going with such wonderings.... :):)

  3. I draw inspiration from my humble beginnings from struggling parents. Their road was indeed hard, my father not being able to finish High School due to an infraction borne of discrimination. My sisters and brother and I studied hard to graduate and go on to try to become ample providers for our own future children... We were each truly blessed and we often speak of our gratefulness of those early life lessons :)

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      That is really amazing, yobarps. Wow-truly inspirational.

      I get my motivation from my 2 boys. Feel grateful to have them in my life and learn from them. They inspire me to be the best person I can be every day.

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      This is true inspiration, yobarps! Sounds like you have an amazing family and a wonderful support system. You have many reasons to be grateful indeed! Thank you for sharing your inspirations here.

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      So awesome, Julie! I can imagine you get up each day and hit the ground running to make sure your boys have everything they need to be happy and successful each day! They are surely a great motivator and a great inspiration to you! Thanks for sharing.

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      Thanks, Julie ! Even the young can inspire, and I'll bet that those bad days pushed you some, while the good days toppled the bad ones away :)

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      That is so true, yobarps. Lots of putting things in perspective and prioritizing what's important!

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      ('',) ! And all you mothers performing double-duty as you often do need lots of breathers :)

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