When will the Kmart rebound happen?

Even if it does not mean reopening a store in my town. When will Kmart go back to profit? They should stop closing Kmart stores and focus on buying trends such as frequently purchased items or keeping profitable products on shelves and in-stock, and maybe making stores more attractive. They need to go back to profit, and it’s not as bad as they would seem to think. They maybe should fire Eddie Lampert, he’s not a dummy, but he does not know how to run retail. Maybe he work on a city council on how they should lease and sell land lots. I hope this rebound arrives soon.


2 answers

  1. Here is your "rebound" but you will have to move to New Zealand to experience it, wish Eddie Lampert would take some pointers from Kmart across the globe because obviously they are doing something right. link to the article:

  2. Bananas are the tops selling item at Walmart, Perhaps adding produce or more groceries at Kmart wouldn't hurt.

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