When will Kmart come back to Portage?

They should open a store in the former Sam’s Club building on Mall Drive. If there is ever a Store Openings they should put Kzoo on the Store Openings List, I think the former Sam’s Club on Mall Drive would be a great place for them to open. The Portage, Michigan Big Kmart closed on February 2010, a Hobby Barf Lobby and another retailer will operate in that space. Unfortunately there is no Kmart in our county and township. There is only 4 Kmart stores in my area code.


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  1. Didn't Miejer buy A Kmart Super Center in Portage that was open and making money about a year ago.I think I Read a News Story about they were going to close it and totaly Remodel it.Must have been a real promising location.Meijer does a nice job with there stores they no how to compete!

    1. In response to bconner

      I am speaking of Portage, Michigan which used to a have a BigK. The one you're speaking of is the Kmart SuperCenter that was in Portage, Indiana. Two different Portage's.

  2. Unfortunately, the trend is for further closure of Kmart stores, so if a location has lost its Kmart, chances are it won't be returning. There have been exceptions, but, sadly, the number of locations that have reopened is extremely small.

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