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When is a good time to de-thatch a lawn

I have a Craftsman towable thatch rake I bought from Sears. I am wondering when is the best time to use it? I used it in the fall about a month before the grass went dormant. Should I wait until the grass is actively growing or do it before the first cutting? Any advise will be helpful


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  1. While aerating a lawn is best performed one to two times a year, de-thatching need only be done once every year or two. Aerating--which is the process of perforating the soil by punching holes in the lawn or removing small cores or plugs of soil--breaks up moderate thatch buildup, reduces soil compaction, and allows your lawn to breathe and water and nutrients to have better access to grass roots by loosening the ground beneath your turf.

    Your lawn will most likely benefit from aeration if the thatch layer is less than 1.5 inches. But whether you thatch or aerate, both are best done in early- to late-spring or early- to late-fall so the lawn has time to recover. If de-thatching in fall, be sure to do it at least 30 days before your last mowing for the season. If done in spring, de-thatch before the grass starts to green up. Keep in mind that timing will depend on where you live.

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