When Do You Start Carving Your Pumpkins?

We just carved ours today and for the first time EVER we had 2 rotten ones in the mix.

I like to go out to the pumpkin patches for there is always some sort of activities going on around us for the kids. Since this was actually the first visit since moving, it makes me wonder on if we will be returning next year. We had also found out this was the only pumpkin patch for 60 miles.

So my daughter ended up going to our local store and picking out 2 more which were wonderful!

My 3 year old grand-daughter really enjoyed trying to carve the eyes and nose, but pretty much dis-orientated the whole pumpkin. Quite comical!

We normally carve ours 1-2 weeks before Halloween and they always seemed to hold up pretty good.

What time frame has worked best for you?


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  1. We usually carve about two weeks before Halloween but we have been so busy we didn't carve at all this year. :/ I imagine the rotten pumpkins this year can be attributed to all the rain we had this summer.

    I am happy to hear your three year old granddaughter enjoyed the pumpkin carving this year, Wendy!

    1. In response to laurelS

      Thank you Laurel!

      She made some pretty comical faces at first, but really got into it after a few more times of putting her hands in!

      Are you going to try and carve this year or are you skipping it?

  2. The pumpkin I bought at Kmart last year ended up being tossed in the garden as compost, later a seed from it sprouted so we had one lone pumpkin from that too early in the season so I gave it to a friend for her jam stand she set up at a local festival about a month ago.

    Heading to Kmart this Saturday so if they have them I plan to replace the one I had to give away. I'm planning to stop into the two cider mills a few miles from Kmart after my shopping is done.

    The smallest of the two cider mills I have yet to visit so decided to stop in to see what they have. I like supporting the little guy once in awhile too, most business ends up at the large mill due to it being located on a very busy highway.

    1. In response to izel8326

      I was actually planning on making something this year from 1 of our pumpkins, but after seeing and smelling the rotten one (for we did not know until we cut in) it really ruined my appetite to even think about it. Blech!

      Keep us posted on the new places on what your thoughts are! I really wish we had something like that close.

      I did however pick up some homemade jam and dilly beans from the pumpkin patch that they had. The dilly beans did not taste to much like my grandmothers but we did end up eating half a jar in one sitting. LOL