When do you plan to begin decorating for Christmas?

Let us know if you have already decorated, if you are planning to decorate in the coming days or weeks, or if you are skipping the decorations all together this year!


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  1. Hardships or not, we need to keep the Holiday spirt alive....

    You'd be surprised to see how just a little holiday lights and garland goes a long way and places a smile on someone's face. I tend to this every Thanksgiving weekend, today we buy a inexpensive $19.99 dollar tree at Save-Mart :) next door to K-Mart ... oooweee
    Happy Holidays Everyone!

  2. We always start either on Thanksgiving Eve or right afterwards. We continue to decorate throughout the month of December and leave them up until after New Years.

  3. as puertorricans, i start xmas the day after thanksgiving; so istarted decorarting that day. My xmas tree is already up.

  4. Very soon. I had to purchased shatterproof decorations so my son's dog doesn't hurt himself on the glass ones.

  5. I actually don't decorate for the holidays. I live alone, most of my time this year is spent at work, and I generally don't celebrate holidays, anyway. I know - I'm a spoilsport! :)

  6. We decorated Thanksgiving weekend, our normal time to do so.

    Merry Christmas. <

  7. We got out all the decorations and put them up on Thanksgiving day this year.

  8. November 18 th my birthday.

  9. Its only me at home so I'll not be decorating, I also recently lost my job and haven't been feeling in the holiday spirit.

  10. I don't plan to decorate. Our family is having great hardships and not much money.

  11. I plan to put up decorations today,and about to do this now as we speak,Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all ;God Bless You.

  12. Not sure need rain to quit

  13. It's too early to put up Christmas decorations. At the moment we are in the season of Advent, not Christmas. Christmas this year runs from sundown 12/24 until 1/13.

  14. I started right after thanks giving, be done in approx 1 week.
    Lots to do!!

  15. Started a few days ago, tree is up, just working on other indoor decor, then we'll begin on the outside lights. I love it!!

  16. We have the outside lights up already and will put up the tree next weekend.

  17. I hope to get the Christmas boxes out of storage tomorrow (Sunday), and get started.

  18. doing right now!!

  19. I have already started decorating! We always start after thanksgiving, and we are getting our tree very soon. We already have out ornaments!

  20. Had the Christmas tree up and decorated the day after Thanksgiving, all 25 stockings are up by the fireplace as well. Id post a photo if I knew how on this new page haha.

  21. Today

  22. tomorrow

  23. I started putting the outside up the day before Thanksgiving since the weather was nice. Finally had indoor and outdoor up by Saturday.

  24. For me it is always the day after thanksgiving, never can wait any longer.

    1. In response to butterballs

      My sister is the same way!

  25. I already did a lot this past weekend, but I am not done yet!

  26. I plan to start my decorating this weekend. A 7 ft. artificial tree and shared decorations on it with a roommate. And i am planning to go to Sears and Kmart to find some additional things for gift giving, etc!

  27. I usally start November, but this here I will start on December 1

  28. I took advantage of a warm day a week ago and probably the last to put up the Christmas lights on the outside of the house. Put up the traditional multi-colored lights around the roof. As usual most of last years lights didn't work so I'm slowly replacing what I have with those old fashioned large ceramic light sets in hopes they last longer. Replaced the small fiber optic tree I purchased at Kmart five years ago for my tiny apt, much too small for my new house. Decided on a plain $40 tree I found on sale at Kmart a couple weeks ago. Needs some work but nothing a new set of lights, a new skirt and a little garland can't fix.

  29. Even I am planning to put up a tree this weekend!! Everyone in my neighborhood already have their trees and Christmas lights up!

  30. I couldn't wait until after Thanksgiving to put up my Christmas lights this year! They have been up for two weeks now! The tree was bought and put up this past weekend. I love the pine smell! Now that that my neighbors have started decorating their houses, I feel like I need to go by more lights!

  31. Oh, I almost forget to mention that I am planning to put up a Christmas tree and do my decorating this weekend! Who's with me? :)

    1. In response to laurelS

      Hi Everyone!

      We are planning to put up a little tree within the next couple of weeks. Since we have a 2 year old little girl and a 4 month old kitten we decided not to put up anything to big for which will topple over with these 2 little stinkers.

      Mmmm... I can smell the pine already along with a mixture of apple cinnamon filling up our living room.;)

    2. In response to laurelS

      Ahhhh! Love the smell of Christmas, JustWendy! One of my favorite things about the holiday. :)

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