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  1. The short answer is that nectar-rich flowers attract both of these winged beauties. How accessible that nectar is will also be a determining factor as to its attract-ability. Trumpet creeper, bee balm, crocosmia, cardinal flower and other blooms in shades of red are always enticing to hummingbirds, but they also feed from nectar flowers in orange, pink, purple, blue and yellow. Asters, cosmos, chrysanthemums, rudbeckia, sunflowers, zinnias and other plants with daisy-like flowers are an excellent all-around nectar source for a variety of butterflies.

    Hummingbirds are typically drawn to trumpet-, tubular, or bell-shaped blooms rich in nectar; so are butterfly species with longer tongue lengths, such as swallowtails and skippers. Other nectar blooms that appeal to both include milkweed, butterfly weed, heuchera, verbena, salvia, penstemon, and rosemary.

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