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what steps can I take to get Amaryllis to bloom? I’ve had some for years and sometimes they bloom and most of the time they just have leaves.


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  1. Amaryllis are a beautiful but finicky bulb. There are several reasons why they may not bloom and all have to do with sunlight, temperature and timing. For example, if the bulbs are disturbed at the wrong time they will not bloom. If fertilized at the wrong time they may not bloom. If the bulbs are not kept cool and dry during storage and kept in cool storage for the right length of time and temperature (50 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal, you may be able to push to 60 degrees), they may not bloom the following season. If the dormant bulbs are stored in a refrigerator with apples they may not bloom. Here's a link to a website with step-by-step care that says it best. Good luck!

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