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  1. The short answer is, one that meets your needs and your budget. There is such a wide range of lawn mowers to choose from. Here are a few factors to consider that will help narrow down your choices.

    If your ground is uneven or rough, high rear wheels will make the mower easier to maneuver. Does your lawn have any extremely tight turns? A mower equipped with front wheels on casters gives you more maneuverability around trees and other obstacles due to its 180 degree turning radius. Will you be mowing up any steep grades or hilly terrain? Look for a high torque engine--the higher the torque, the more power that's delivered to the blade. Also consider user friendly features, such as padded grips, adjustable handles and easy-to-move levers, and variable speeds. Put power, performance and comfort first, then see what bells and whistles your budget will allow. Ultimately you may find that a riding lawn mower rather than a walk behind mower is more efficient and better suited for a lawn your size.

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