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  1. This should be an easy and fun solution for you--introduce and encourage natural predators. Biological nematodes are one of the best controls against grubs in your yard or garden and also help keep a few other problem pests and bad insects at bay. These insecticidal nematode species can be purchased online or are often available through garden centers and nurseries. Biological nematodes are the natural predators that you'll introduce. The beneficial predators that you'll want to attract and encourage to hang around include lady beetles, non-stinging wasps and beneficial ground beetles. The best way to attract these predators is to grow the nectar flowers that the adults seek, such as most any daisy-type flower as well as flowers with heads shaped like small flat umbrellas, such as yarrow. Finally, don't forget to entice the bug-eating, grub-eating birds such as towhees by setting out feeders and bird baths.

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