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What should I add to the soil in my garden to promote better results during the growing season?

It seems my plants start out good but but don’t grow many vagetables.


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  1. Before you do anything, I highly recommend taking a soil test so you know not only what nutrients your soil needs, but also the pH of your soil. You can buy test kits online or at K-Mart's garden department or any other garden center or nursery. One soil amendment/fertilizer I always use in my vegetable beds is compost or aged manure. Both are not only great sources for the three important nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium), but also add essential trace minerals. Back when we raised rabbits, their manure produced the biggest, best and tastiest veggies ever. You can choose from a variety of granular or liquid fertilizers--just look for a fertilizer labeled as "complete fertilizer" (compost and aged manures are good sources of all-around complete fertilizers) or one formulated for growing vegetables. Keep in mind that different veggies have different needs as some require more nitrogen while others need more phosphorus or potassium. And I always recommend using an organic fertilizer, especially when growing edibles.

    1. In response to Kris_Wetherbee

      What a helpful post! We have a little area in front of our house that always has problems, as well. There is lots of sun, but can't quite grow anything there. I think a soil test is in order this weekend!

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