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  1. To apply for whynotleaseit you need a credit card or bank account number/routing number. Debit cards are not accepted.

    1. In response to Eric-devine

      I was told a credit OR debit card was needed. You can not simply provide your banking information it does not work.

    2. In response to Eric-devine

      Hi kakins!

      As of December 14, 2013 WNLI will no longer accept Checking accounts as a method of ongoing payment. .

      Customers can choose credit, debit or pre-paid debit.If using a pre-paid debit card the customers name must be embossed on the card and match the name of the customer completing the lease.

      Hope this helps a little bit for further clarification on this program.

  2. prepaid cards as in visa/mastercard prepaid gift cards, None.

    Debit/Credit cards, yes.

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