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What kind of plants grow best in a very sunny window?

I’m looking for a small window plant that blooms in a sunny bedroom window?


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  1. Why, plants that like full sun grow best in a sunny bedroom window, of course. (April Fools!) The reality is that you have lots of great choices for a sunny window, starting with impatiens, heliotrope, gloxinia, gerbera, felicia, datura, and firecracker flower. Other options include chrysanthemum, madagascar periwinkle, slipper flower, pentas, lantana, and shrimp plant. There are also many cacti with fabulous blooms, or you could opt on the softer side by growing a miniature rose. Most of these can be found at any houseplant department within a garden center, home improvement center, supermarket, or other store, but you can also shop the outdoor plants department and choose dwarf varieties. Keep in mind that glass intensifies heat, so the key is to provide a sunny environment without intense heat. Depending on the size of your window, direct exposure, and the size container and type plant you're growing, you may want to set plants from six inches to two feet away or more from the window. Enjoy the blooms!

    1. In response to Kris_Wetherbee

      I think African violets love the favorite household plant because its easy to care for.

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