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  1. To work hard at glorifying the name of God, being more active in the activities at my church, testifying about ***** ****** to others and sharing his wonderful love, ridding my home of all the un-necessary things I have spent so much time to those who can actually use the items, trying my very best to live my life as ****** would have me live it. I am so blessed! I lack for nothing. All my needs and a lot of my wants are met. I have the love of my family, my family in ******, my friends, and best of all, The love of my Lord and Saviour, ***** ******! What more can I want?!

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      I totally agree with you! Life would not be worth living without the Love of ***** ******! Blessings to you for a prosperous, healthy, JOY filled 2013!

  2. treat people the way they treat me

  3. to be happy in my retirement

  4. My resolution has to do with various health issues, so I must keep the resolution. My resolution has to do with keeping my life in order, my finances in order, my house in order, and everything about me in order....I will keep this because I will focus on doing something toward this daily. My reslution has to do with keeping medications, herbal and vitamin pills in takable place. This will be the most difficult of all the resolution because they are not in order now, therefore, I miss them daily...therefore, this is the one resolution if put in order will make a difference..................

  5. To further my understanding of the human condition, resist the smart phone temptation, love a bit more, tip even more, sip a little less and smile even brighter.... ;) !

  6. To get my new house organized, set up my new home office and find work I can do from home so I can be here when the kids are

  7. Pay down debt... grow savings account... buy american made products...pray more and give healthly and thankful that I live in USA where we do have freedoms still....

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      Wonderful goals! I agree with you completely! I pray you have a prosperous, healthy, JOY filled 2013. All the BEST to you!

  8. To lose weight. Duh.

  9. I normally don't do New Year's resolutions, but I will only buy Stephanie Dawn purses (made in Ohio), NOT Vera Bradley (who closed Ohio facility and moved operations to CHINA!).

  10. Share love people don't see their is, to much hate in this world, we living in a lot of strict.
    No jobs, no money, no homes an with the storm. Sandy kill the holidays spirit.

  11. I will continue to pray for peace in our world. Since that will probably not happen for some time, I would like to lose weight for myself. I want to be more fit than I am right now, and continue to be happy in my life.


  12. To visit as many U.S. businesses and buy our products even if they cost a little more .Wish I could find a buy in the U.S. web site that would name stores that sell our products

  13. I am boycotting places that the company owners threatened their employees to vote their way in the past election. Also shopping locally and with companies that carry American made items. I stop buying from places that their ads insinuate the public would rather be in the dark as to what they eat, like Applebees. I will be shopping American made only and am getting back into such things as making crafts. It is high time we get back to fending for our selves. Looks like no one else cares

  14. Reduce spending, and get my own place.

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    Reduce spending; pay bills; save for a good vacation.

  15. Save more money so we can do more as a family together.

  16. To not worry so much and give all my problems to God .

  17. I'd like to lose 10 pounds. I'll start after the holidays, of course! I have WAY too many treats in the house right now to start a diet, hahahaha!

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      Same here, Tea! I keep thinking to myself that I should throw these things out and not have the temptation. Then I take a bite of something sweet and decide it can wait until the New Year! haha

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      Ditto, you two ! I just gave my squirrels the last of my FannieMay truffles, when a baking girlfriend brought in an assortment for me ! It was for my birthday/Christmas on the 23rd :) !

      They didn't die, so I'll have to treat them to some more 'overages' :D