What is your favorite memory of shopping for Xmas at Kmart?

Last minute shopping on Xmas Eve when I was just learning what shopping for Xmas was like.It seems like I always ended up at Kmart just when they would be trying to ciose.Running through the store with a cart full of gifts and the Lights were starting to go out .HOW EXCITING AND CRAZY IT WAS.When I was younger I did everything at the last minute.Its not as fun now everything is planned ahead and well thought out no excitement anymore!!!!!


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  1. I believe it was Christmas Eve about twelve years ago when I rode along with my friend Sheila and her mom to the former Corunna Michigan Big Kmart. We went there specifically for a t.v. for her grandpa and my mom gave me a little spending cash which I'm not quite sure what I spent that on. These were the days before flat screens were what they are today so getting that fat t.v. into my friends moms small car was quite interesting. It was a very tight fit but we got it in and prayed for a safe trip home because a small car accident could lead to a major disaster with a flying t.v. but we pulled it off. lol

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