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What is the best way to get rid of moles? They are very destructive from the lawn to garden beds of flowers and vegetables!!! HELP!!!


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  1. You're probably familiar with the saying "making a mountain out of a mole hill". How accurate as mole hills look very much like mini mountainous volcanoes. The damage that moles do to the garden and lawn results from the tunnels they make in searching for their primary food source, which are grubs and worms. On the bright side, moles tend to move around and in the process they aerate your soil and help keep harmful grubs in check.

    A few repellents that may or may not work are commercially available castor oil-based sprays and fox urine sprays (at garden and outdoor stores). Keep in mind that what works in one yard and region may not work in another. Poisoned mole baits will certainly kill them, but I don't advocate their use as moles are picky eaters and the poison in the bait is toxic to wildlife, pets and children. Another method is to encourage natural enemies that dine on moles, such as an outdoor cat and snakes.

    Naturally the most effective method for killing a mole is the use of traps, which are not necessarily the same as the traps used to kill gophers. One effective trap for moles is a harpoon style trap. You can also try setting a mousetrap inside an active tunnel that is baited with it's favorite food--worms and grubs.

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