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What is the best way to compost in South Florida?

I don’t collect the lawn clippings because I have a service cut the lawn so what else can I do to compost my food waste?


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  1. You can still compost your food waste. All you need are carbon rich materials such as dried leaves, plant and garden trimmings, newspapers (no glossy paper), used paper towels or toilet paper rolls, straw or hay. And your green materials can be found in your kitchen food waste as well as feathers, coconut shredded shells, nutshells, crushed seashells and eggshells. The how-to’s of combining these materials to make compost can be found at my blog on Composting 101

    Compost tumblers make easy work of composting kitchen scraps. So does a worm bin--you create a bed of shredded newspaper or straw and feed the red wigglers the kitchen wastes. Earthworm castings are the result and serve as a great organic amendment that improves the structure of soil and ultimately feeds your plants. If you want to go the super easy route, simple dig a trench and bury your kitchen scraps. The beneficial soil life and earthworms will take care of the rest!

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