What Happened to the New Kmart Express Store at The Carolinas Mall in San Juan Puerto Rico.It seems to have been Erased or just Disapeared!As of November 2011 a Brand New Concept Store Just Disapeared. No News stories Lines Drawn through its Name when you can find print refering to its existance and location.Twilight Zone Kind of like maybe the C.I.A. was operating it ?Where Did it Go are all the associates accounted for?

New Kmart Cocept Store Disapears Without a Trace!


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  1. Hi, bconner. We investigated this store for you. The Kmart Express location is still open and operating.

    Hope this helps!

    1. In response to laurelS

      Not so its no longer on the Directory of the Carolinas Mall in Puerto Rico the store has vanished!I heard a rumor it was moved to a Island off Florida for further Tweeking!

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