What happened to Little Ceaser we miss them at our Kmart could they come back.There now is no where to get a Bite in our store.

Hungry in New Baltimore.


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  1. Viena Sausages Potatoe Chips from the K pantry And a Coke from the vending machine out front then back to the car picnic time.NOW THATS A REAL SNACK!I LIKE THAT!!!!

  2. Our store has a Nathan's cafe with hot dog combos plus chicken and fish sandwiches and snacks, too. It seems to do a good business. It's cool because you can get and redeem your SYWR points there, too!

  3. Sorry to hear you lost your Little Caesars at your local Kmart and as ericdn said, most Kmart stores no longer care to support a food vendor in store. It probably has a lot to do with their Little Caesars franchise lease being up or if a private franchise owner held this location its more than likely just not profitable enough. Most Little Caesars now days focus on the Hot N' Ready pizzas so if you have a Little Caesars inside a Kmart store its not going to work out as well sales wise as it would in another location. Back when they had a Little Caesars Pizza Express inside most Kmart stores the focus was on small menu items such as slices and bread sticks. I'm an employee of a local Little Caesars restaurant and also plan to open my own franchise one day and as much as I LOVE Kmart, I'd probably never consider opening one up in a Kmart unless it was a Kmart Super Center.

  4. I miss them, too. Unfortunately, I don't think many, if any, Kmart stores have a Little Ceasars or K-Café anymore. At the two stores where I've worked, they left the stores a long, long time ago. :(

    1. In response to ericdn

      I just read your comment and I stated thinking about the K-Cafes. AND... I was at the Kmart in Marshall, Michigan in December 2012 and they still have a Little Caesar's Pizza Station. They used to have one also at the Kmart Hastings, MI but they left, the Kmart in Battle Creek, MI never had one I believe.

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