What Favorite TV Brand Do You Like?

I am on the look out for a new TV to purchase.

I had bought a Spectre 32″ a 1 1/2 ago and it now has a big black spot directly in the middle of the screen. I am thinking this is why they were selling at a low price when purchased.

The sound and picture were remarkable with no unknown issues, just all of sudden when turned on, had a big black spot in the middle. I had called to see if repairable, but of course would cost more than what I purchased. LOL

So now I am looking for another TV and suggestions for longer lasting viewing for myself and family.

I would love to hear your thoughts for I will be looking to purchase this weekend for some great new series are starting soon this month!

Thank you!


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  1. Good Morning, Wendy !

    I clicked on the TV that you bought to view the specs, and I'm blown away ! I guess that I haven't been keeping up with the market because I can't believe the prices these days for the SMART-TV and LED - loaded unit that this one is ! Also the pixel rating is very good ! I think that your research has paid great dividends ! And the competitive market's low pricing hasn't hurt either :):) !

    I haven't considered a "new" TV in a while, being that my Sony 39" tube 1080i HDTV is still hanging in there with it's phenomenal picture... I have 'almost' many times with a Samsung, but that would also mean having this 196 lb monster moved, getting the even heavier armoire moved and the such, etc.... I suppose that's what happens when you get an excellent product the first time, which I believe this one to be... Now what you and the rest of us need to do is get an excellent surge suppressor for these TVs. I have a decent one from MONSTER CABLE that has saved me once or twice !
    Try to get a good one that will protect the coax cable, phone lines and all power and signal cabling. It is worth the investment {^^,! Enjoy that TV !

    1. In response to yobarps

      I know right? I was very happy to find it too!

      Before my divorce we too had a Sony, a 32". What a great TV for which we had for at least 10 years. We never had any issues with it even through a couple of moves, but of course, I have a simple entertainment center to move so no worries like what you have LOL

      Thank you for the reminder of the surge protector. I do have a brand new one and for some reason my daughter has it in her room. Time to move it back to the living room for it is unbelievable all the plug ins one has with cable and internet.

      Have a wonderful rest of your Sunday!

    2. In response to yobarps

      You're welcome, Wendy :) ! I had a spelling error so I omitted the entry above and moved it down here. Happy Sunday to you too (",) !

      For the benefit of all, I did a little snooping online and found some info about Visio and Seiki manufacturing origin. Visio is made by Am Tram Technology in Taiwan. LG makes their screens, while Panasonic makes their plasma screens.
      Seiki is made by Samsung. I was told by Sears that they could not give me their terrific store warranty on a certain discontinued model because Seiki would not release any information on parts to Sears. And I also know for a fact that my friend's Sony Bravia's screen went out and it was replaced by Samsung, who makes and maintains those as well !

      It is an intricate web of marketing, I tell you :):)!

    3. In response to yobarps

      This is great information to know on both of these models! You can never have enough information these days!

      Thank you for the update yobarps!

    4. In response to yobarps

      You're so welcomed, Wendy ! I'm super-happy that your TV experience has gone forth without too many hang-ups... It took me a while to get Sony to replace my set when it failed, but after they did, I have had nothing but praise for the unit :):) !
      We keep listing our troubles here, and we keep learning how to cope with each stumble, don't we !!!

  2. I am not a fan of Samsung tv though I heard some of their other appliances are good/too complicated for me. I guess it is going to depend on if you want an simpler way to program your tv and the set up you have. I bought a Vizio and the guy who worked for one of your stores said he had an older one. It is the most sold brand awhile ago and not sure now. They have too many things out now. I just bought the cheapest and flimsy looking antenna and it actually worked well after waiting awhile. So, who knows. The newer version of mine is out and it has more ports? or whatever it is called to have more functionality. The major issue is it moves around and is not the strongest of televisions in build. But, if you can wall mount it, there won't be any issue. I think his name was Eric from Florida. The model does matter also and size. I was opting for a smaller size and really happy with the 24 inch. Mine was lower than many other brands at the time that I viewed in person at the Electronic stores and I did not know those brands to some degree. If I had my choice, I would want to see the tv on at the store for the clarity and how it works.

    1. In response to For2Day

      Thank you For2Day!

      I too had looked at the Vizio but I did not see enough reviews on steering me towards purchasing this brand as of yet. I personally do not know of anyone who owns this brand but will be checking back on it for I know my other Sceptre TV will be going out before to long.

      My eye-sight of course is not what it use to be so I have been purchasing at least a 32". Makes it more expensive when going up in size, but I sure do enjoy seeing some of my shows LOL

  3. It's hard to beat Samsung these days... LG is also hanging tough with them. But Sears also carries another brand, the name of which I can't recall (this always happens to me once I START answering one of these questions - drat!)
    I will do some looking and include the name soon in another response :)

    And Visio is somewhere in there too :):) !

    1. In response to yobarps

      Are you thinking of the Seiki? I remember when the RCA was one of the biggest sellers, but it seems like they have been over shadowed by Samsung and LG.

      This morning in between the thunder storms I had done some major research and finally settled on Samsung. I have never owned this brand before and the ratings were outstanding so I went ahead and took the leap.

      So far everyone I had spoke with told me Samsung or LG were the way to go. So I decided not to take the cheap route on an unknown name as I previously had and purchased hopefully a TV that will last more than a year.

      Thank you for your input yobarps! Its nice to know that the Samsung purchase I made was definitely a winner!

    2. In response to yobarps

      Seiki was Exactly the brand that was on my mind, because when I went to Sears and saw it, it blew me away as 'competent', even though that particular model was discontinued.... :) ! (I was looking for one for my sister, who had recently lost hers due to a power surge)

      I know that you won't have much trouble with your Samsung ! They have just about finished off all of their competition ! The Seiki and Visio companies are Chinese competitors that are cheap while being pretty good, which is bad news for the rest ! Enjoy your choice, Wendy, and keep the others in mind for smaller sets, my sweet friend {^^,!

    3. In response to yobarps

      They may not be Chinese, but they are very competent... And this ringing of the bells is a huge warning to any of the other companies that expect to do well in this competitive market...
      Happy viewing :):) !

    4. In response to yobarps

      Thank you for the additional information yobarps!

      As mentioned to For2Day, I will not be spending as much as I did on the Samsung, which was still a decent price, but it will be placed in the living room.

      But once this other Sceptre goes out I will be replacing that one in the bedroom. The bedroom TV does not get used as much as the living room, so I will not mind spending less and trying a different brand as I had done with the Sceptre.

      Even before purchasing these, they had great reviews, but as my son looked into the issue more online he had read majority of the complaints were of the same issues we were having with ours. Go figure! LOL

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