What fall TV premieres are you most looking forward to?

So many great TV series coming this fall! What are you most looking forward?


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  1. "Once Upon A TIme"

  2. The Voice

    1. In response to For2Day

      My kids really love The Voice, For2Day! I forgot about that one. It is a fun one to watch together.

  3. I am looking forward to Survivor and The Walking Dead!

    Currently my other favorite shows started such as Project Runway, Face Off and Ink Master!

  4. Once Upon a Time, How I Met Your Mother, American Horror Story, Glee, Big Bang Theory. Though the one I am most looking forward to isn't until nov. Which is Doctor Who.

    1. In response to filmdork

      What do you think of the choice for the new Dr. Who, filmdork? I don't know much about him, but he is a real change from Matt Smith. Lots of people are excited about it, though!

    2. In response to filmdork

      I'm really happy with the choice. I think he will be a great Doctor. He is a huuuuuuge fan of the show and I think that will drive him to be the best at the role, cause he wouldn't want to let the fans down. I think it is time for an older Doctor. We have had two younger "more attractive" Doctors recently. It will certainly separate the true fans from the ones who only like it for cute guys.

    3. In response to filmdork

      I don't think I realized he was such a big fan of the show! That is great. It will be neat to see how he is worked in as Dr. Who. It is such a cool thing that they change it up so often.

  5. I can't wait for Homeland to start! That is the big one for me. And, "Parks and Rec". Those are my 2 favorite shows I have been missing this summer.

  6. I'm looking forward to the X-Factor!

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