What does everyone think of Ben Affleck as Batman?

What does everyone think of Ben Affleck as Batman? There is a lot of backlash on him in the role. Is everyone making too much out of this? Or should they have gone with another actor for the role?

I was against it at first, then I remembered how against Heath Ledger as the Joker everyone was and that turned out fantastic.


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  1. I feel the same, filmdork. I wouldn't have imagined him as a great fit for the role of Batman but I think he will be great! It was an unexpected pick for me, but I'm excited to see his performance. I am a fan of all his previous work, so I'm sure he will do well in this role too.

  2. It is a bummer that so many people are giving him such a hard time! I bet it will change the character a bit, but he has that sarcasm that Batman is identified with already. I am interested in seeing how he does. I used to not be so super impressed with him, but since seeing "The Town", I became a fan of his acting and directing.

  3. Hi filmdork!

    Great question for I was just discussing this with my daughter a few days ago!

    My personal thought is that he is quite versatile in the roles that he has been playing and I think he would be great, but, he has such a baby face compared to other Batman actors. My daughter says no, but my thought is if he had a mustache or slight beard he can pull it off. LOL

    Heath Ledger like most of the other Joker characters has those specific features that can be played up for this role, and you are right, was totally awesome in that movie. Sad day when his life ended so young!

    So my vote is yes, I think Ben could be a great Batman, but it also depends on whom else is starring in this movie along side him to make it work!