What do you visually see or feel first?

When entering one of our Kmart or Sears stores, what is the top 3 things that stand out the most?

This is what I notice most:

1. Appearance
2. Atmosphere
3. Reception by Employee’s

I wanted to post this question, for everyone has a different thought process once entering a building and I thought it would be great to compare.

Thank you for participating ;)


2 answers

  1. When I enter any store the first three things I notice would be the amount of people in the check-out lanes because it gives me a good idea as to how many people I'll be dealing with while shopping. The second thing I notice is how many employees are working those check-out lanes and who is working since most stores I shop I'm a "regular" shopper at so usually I get to know the employees a little. The third thing I notice would be what the store has on display in the front of store.

    1. In response to izel8326

      Very interesting izel! That is why I wanted to ask this question!

      I have not once looked at the lines or check outs, but I think I will from now on LOL

      I do notice the moral of employee's as well as customers (atmosphere) when I first look around. This tells me if I will be battling carts going every which way or a nice smooth experience.

      Definitely, will be adding yours to my list which will be good especially if I have my grand-baby with me ;)