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  1. The best place to start is with your owner's manual for their maintenance recommendations. Depending on your climate and lawn mower, those maintenance to do's might include specifics on changing your oil and filter, replacing spark plugs, and sharpening blades.

    Ideally you should use a hose to remove any excess dirt and clippings from the underside of the lawn mower after each mowing session or at least twice a month. Depending on how many times you mow your lawn, additional maintenance issues might include the following:

    - Each spring: Start with fresh gasoline; change the oil (the oil and fuel are already mixed in mowers equipped with a two-stroke engine).
    - Twice a season: Sharpen the blades--if there are dents or knicks in the blade, then replace; check the wheels to ensure they are moving straight; check the air filter and clean or replace as needed (for optimum performance, replace air filter twice a year)
    - Yearly maintenance: Replace spark plug; replace the oil if dirty (every 25 hours of mowing in general).

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