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  1. "Safe" is a relative term as I know many gardeners who have grown tomatoes in plastic garbage bags with no worries about safety. If you're concerned with chemicals leaching into the soil and thereby being taken up by plant roots, I would stay clear of any container that is plastic or any wood container that is treated. Containers I consider safe would be untreated wood (such as an old wine barrel cut in half), ceramic, stone, or any other natural material. Clay containers are safe but not the best choice for growing veggies as they dry out quickly and plants may require watering several times a day during a hot summer in order to grow healthy plants with productive fruit. Also keep in mind that the bigger the container, the more room there will be for roots to grow. The result will be a bigger plant and more fruit. Good luck!

    1. In response to Kris_Wetherbee

      Good to know about Clay containers and vegetables. We are moving soon, and I was thinking of growing some tomatoes and basil in pots on our new porch. Will make sure to stay away from clay!

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