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  1. Hi, NewEmployee! Please click here to review the Employee Discount Policy and find specific FAQs that will help answer all your questions. Hope this helps!

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      Thank you so much for your response. You've helped me tremendously. You're definitely an asset to KMart!!

  2. Items that are priced as "advertised" at the register (sale prices, for example) are not eligible for the employee discount. All of the information regarding this question and others you have asked can be found in the employee handbook. If you didn't receive one, I suggest you ask your human resources manager for a copy.

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      Sorry! I thought this was a community website that you could ask questions. And no, I didn't get an employee handbook.

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      Yes, this is a community website, but it's oriented towards customers and the general public. Employees should consult internal sources for information regarding their employment, since that information may contain things that non-employees shouldn't necessarily be privy to. I think you should ask your human resources manager for an employee handbook - it will answer a LOT of your questions.