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  1. Many thorny plants have thick stems that are hard to kill. If the thorny plants you want to get ride of are few, then you might try digging up (with gloved hands) and then disposing of the plants. Saturating the soil several hours beforehand makes removal much easier. However, if your thorny plants are many, then you first need to cut them down with a chainsaw or weed eater with a brush blade attachment, or mow them down with a heavy duty mower, tractor or brush hog (which you can rent). Cut the plants back to about 8 inches high as this height makes the plant most susceptible to damage from herbicides. Wait until the cut ends re-sprout, and then spray the area with glyphosate. You will need to retreat the area perhaps several times as the new seedlings and sprouts surface. Spray on a calm day and spray only the target area as overspray will kill other desired plants as well. Good luck!

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