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what can be done to the bare spots in the yard? Our problem is that we have pets and the areas that are bare are where they use the bathroom?


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  1. If you can get to the area where your pet has relieved himself/herself within the first 24 hours, you can often prevent bare spots from occurring by saturating the area with water. This will dilute the acidic urine and flush out the excess nitrogen. However, once the spots are bare the only thing you can do to recover the area is to reseed. Depending on where you live, bare patches are best reseeded in early- to late-Spring (which is now), and from mid-August to mid-October. To reseed, simply level the soil and smooth out the area with the back of a garden rake. Broadcast the seeds, then cover with a 1/8- to 1/4-inch layer of seedling mix or compost. Water well and keep the patch slightly moist until seedlings are established.

    There are products available that counteract the effects of pet urine, such as dogonit lawn treatment. You might find it worth your while to train your pets to use one specific area, which is more likely to occur if you put down sand or other material. That way you avoid multiple bare areas in your lawn. Good luck!

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