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  1. Mine include a visit from both of my adult children in June ! Papaddeux here we come !!! No traveling plans of my own for a while... :)

  2. Having just came back from CA and NV and the open ranges, I am ready for some sand beneath my feet. So by the end of June we will be taking a few days off to go to the beach as well as a drive through Wildlife Safari. We have not been to Safari in over 20 years, we are all so excited!

    Julie - Mammoth Caves? That sounds like so much fun! Is the name in connection with the size then, or pre-historic?

    Frank - I have heard great things about Napa! I personally have not been their myself, no idea why, just never was able to check in off my list of places to visit yet! Let us know if your visit is everything they say it is for it is one of my goals to visit within the next 5 years!

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      What a nice vacation it sounds like you had, Wendy!

      The Mammoth Caves are named as such because of there are so many accessible caves it is "mammoth" in size. We can't wait!

  3. Hoping to head to the Mammoth Caves in Kentucky this summer for a long weekend. We have never been, but have heard it is just a great place to take a family.

    Has anyone out there ever visited the Mammoth Caves? Would love to hear about it!

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      At first I thought you were referring to the Mammoth Caves of South Dakota...(^^,)
      I've never been to either, but I'm sure that Both are BIG FUN ! Enjoy, Julie !!!

  4. Hoping to get to Napa for a little R&R!

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      I didn't make it to Napa in either of my trips (kids wanted to do other things at the time), but it is still on my list for another time ! I love SF and it's surroundings ! Don't forget Muir Woods :):):)!

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