Went into Kmart to buy some toys tonight… Found a few on clearance and took them to the register…They rang up as a penny and we were told that they couldn’t sell them to us at a penny, but that they could hold them and ‘adjust’ the price to the higher price… Can they do that?


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  1. Hi Ravendust,

    Thank you for sharing your experience with us in the MyKmart Community.

    Good question!

    I agree with kresgeman2, for it does sound odd that they would even ring at this price.

    Were you able to talk with the manager about this incident? They would be able to give you more incite on how their policy and procedures work in regards to price adjustments/changes.

    I had tried to gain this information for you through our MyKmart "chat" Representative, but their reply had been the same as I had listed above, reaching out to management.

    Keep us posted on the outcome!

  2. That does seem odd. I would not want a customer to have to come back because of a mistake the store made. But yes I think they can do that.

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