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According to my Shop Your Way Rewards account I’m $0.00 away from my next level of VIP Gold yet that has shown the same amount away from the next level now for two weeks. I’m still at “VIP Silver” according to the SYWR website. I’ve made a few purchases online since spending the required amount just to get to the next level, the points are showing up but my new level isn’t. I don’t recall having this problem when I made it to VIP Silver a year ago, that time my level changed right away without delay.


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  1. Same Here I am not getting any of my points from sears when I shop. I have been trying for the longest to do the Win Your Way and can't find the page. I wanted to enter for the free layaway give away but the site does not exist screen keeps coming up what is really going on with Kmart and Sears the past fee weeks?

  2. Hi, Izel! I would recommend contacting our dedicated VIP-only customer relations phone number at 1-800-990-5427 for help with updating your VIP status. Hope this helps!

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      Thanks Laurel, just called and spoke to someone about the issue. She explained the site has been having a few issues since the most recent updates so I'll give it a couple more weeks to see if things change.

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      Still showing $0.00 until my next level after trying the point of sale purchase in store, receipt even says VIP Silver yet I should be at Gold. I'm kinda ticked off since I spent so much to get to VIP Silver as it was & have yet to really receive any special benefits at that level when I've already reached the next.

  3. Maybe they're slow in catching up the record... I received an email saying that I'll have to spend $150 more soon to maintain VIP Platinum thru 2013. I don't know if it's valid, but I intend to spend that anyhow, luckily :)

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      I'm wondering if it might have something to do with the fact the purchases I've made since getting to the next level were made online. Stopping into an actual Kmart store this week to see if swiping my card in store might for some reason be what it takes to update my status. Computer systems can be crazy like that especially when those tech guys working behind the scenes thing its cool to go through and mess with stuff.

    2. In response to yobarps

      I know what you mean... And the SYWR site has had it's share of problems, too :/
      Good luck to your forced update :):)

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