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Two questions: We live in Miami and our lawn is made up entirely of a runner-type grass, typically known as “Creeping Charlie”, so it’s virtually impossible to remove sod in nice neat strips like you see on TV. What would be the best way to remove it? And if I want to have raised beds for veggie gardening, should I just place them on top of the grass?


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  1. If you're wanting to remove an area of grass or strips to reseed your lawn or create a border or raised beds in areas of your lawn for growing vegetables or flowers, the best way to remove the creeping charlie/grass combo while keeping your beneficial soil microbes alive and happy is to dig up the first few inches and remove. If you're wanting to keep the grass but remove the creeping charlie, here is a link to a question answered earlier today that gives you several options.
    As for your raised beds, it's best to start with a clean slate, so to speak, by removing the grass. However, you can place landscape fabric or several layers of wet newspapers (2 to 4 inches thick) on top of the grass. Then place your soil on top of the landscape fabric or newspapers and fill in the beds. This will smother the grass and keep it from coming up through the soil. Good luck

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