Two More Kmarts Are Closing .Thats Five In Two Months!Sears Holding Is Now Generating Less Revenue Than Kmart Did Before The Merger.What Happened?Kmart Super Centers Used To Average $250,00.00 Dollars Per Day Per locatiom Before 2002 What Happened? Needless To Say This Is Retails Version Of The TITANIC!!!!What The **** IS GOING ON IN HOFFMAN ESTATES??? THE FINAL SOLUTION!!!!

Retail Stupidity!Retail Suicide?


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  1. They need to open a couple new Kmart stores and/or invest in existing ones. Another idea would be to operate smaller stores near neighborhoods or in small 'hometown' areas like ShopKo did in Allegan, MI where they converted the existing Pamida store into their 'ShopKo Hometown' concept, they did this at many dozens of other Pamida's across the country.

  2. Where are y'all finding out about store closings? I haven't seen anything at the Sears Media site about stores closing.

    1. In response to londonteatime

      News sites on the Internet.Intereseting idea Build a copmmunity around a store to increase customer traffic.It seems a little more expensive than Remodeling say 10 Locations at a Time.Theres Smart And Then Theres Kmart Smart!

  3. SHC obviously is more interested in investing their money in other huge project other than updating/remodeling of the remaining Kmart stores in desperate need of it in order to survive. This article says a lot, big things for a new project in St. Paul MN.

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      Wow, they're putting apartments, townhouses, and office space around one of their stores? Haha, that's not a bad idea, actually! You have an instant customer base, they spend money in your store AND they're paying you rent, too.

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      Little town in itself almost, only thing lacking is a Kmart Express gas station open 24/7. Have to add that because they could really rake in the $$$ on the people who live in work in the complex. Serve good coffee with low gas prices at the pumps and they will come back for more. Those office workers need their morning coffee you know. ;-)

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      It will be interesting to see if they ACTUALLY carry out this plan. I have heard of Sears holding announcing similar projects and not completing them.

  4. I've come to the conclusion that they don't know what is going on and they are grasping at straws trying haphazardly without any real focus or direction. I wish that someone, anyone in SHC would spend some time actually going out & talking with managers, associates & customers. Let me run the **** corporation. I guarantee that I couldn't do any worse and I know that within 2 years I could turn things around. I have a plan.

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