Time to Indulge Yourself! September13th – International Chocolate Day!

Celebrate the greatest substance known to man – a day free of guilt, a day for indulgence!

My favorite has always been “dark chocolate”! The darker the treat, and the more health benefits you’ll reap, such as reduced blood pressure and a better mood!

Do you have a favorite type of chocolate that you enjoy?


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  1. I see all of the varied responses and raise you each a Fannie May Truffle ! My fav is also Dark, Wendy, and I'll share a non-chewed mouthful-moment with you ! I missed the day, but it can always be remembered everyday by all of our indulgence :):):) !

    1. In response to yobarps

      You bet it can!

      In fact I am still snacking on my dark chocolate kisses, but only about a handful left.

      My first truffle that I had ever had was in Palo Alto Ca. It was soooo good it just melted in my mouth. It was milk chocolate filled with a dark chocolate and caramel.

      I might as well just admit it, I am chocoholic! As I age, I do not think that will ever change!

    2. In response to yobarps

      Me too ! And it's okay to do so, sez me !

      It's a joy of mine knowing that you're even sweeter than the chocolate, Fair Wendy ! That makes it okay {``,] !

  2. I'm the odd one out since I've never been a huge fan of chocolate not to mention I'll be working most all day today, not a bit of chocolate in the kitchen at Little Caesars besides chocolate milk for the dining room customers.

    If I lived a few hours further north it would be a different story, they are famous in northern Michigan for homemade fudge. That I could eat all day every day!

  3. Milk chocolate all the way. Though the best way is from a candy shop from my home town. They have the most amazing chocolate covered pretzels. OR to get Mackinac Island Fudge from Joann's. I have taken several friends to Mackinac and not told them which fudge shop I like and had them try something from each. Everyone of them has said Joann's had the best. That is where I get mine from every year. Mmmmm....fudge.

    1. In response to filmdork

      I LOVE the fudge from Mackinac! We have friends that race the Mac every year, and we always request that they bring back a little box for us. I am not picky as to what store, but seems like it is often from Ryba's. I am totally into the chocolate fudge, but I really like the peanut butter, as well.


    2. In response to filmdork

      Try Joann's sometime. They have a chocolate peanut butter which is AMAZING!! My brother's favorite is the penuche pecan which is made with brown sugar. They also have a pumpkin pie flavor which I want to try. I may have to order some today since I don't think I will make it up there this year.

    3. In response to filmdork

      Oh my goodness you two are making so hungry for fudge!

      Do they deliver across the states? Peanut Butter fudge is one of my favorites as well as White Chocolate Mint.

      Yummmm, I need to see if we have any shops near here for my dark chocolate Hershey kisses are not hitting the spot right now!

      I am definetly indulging this day! LOL

    4. In response to filmdork

      Wendy look what I found, I believe you're in luck!

    5. In response to filmdork

      I agree, just looked up their website and now remember that being one of the places we always stopped on vacation as a kid. Been way too long since I've actually stayed in Mackinaw City area, we always end up going straight thru now days when we rarely make it up there.

    6. In response to filmdork

      Oh my goodness!

      WOW! I am sooo excited!

      Thank you izel for finding a link for me!

      Christmas shopping for me is in the works. There are so many varieties I have no idea what to order first, and the price is awesome!

      Thank you so much!

  4. I don't know if I have a favorite! I like ALL chocolate. My latest favorite is a chocolate bar with a touch of heat someone infused in it-like chili pepper. It is unexpected and just delicious. I am not picky, though. I'll be happy eating a bunch of Hershey's Kisses any day, too!

  5. Uhoh! This is just the excuse I've been looking for, Wendy. HAHA! I am a chocolate chip cookie addict. This holiday includes chocolate chip cookies, right? :) I will most definitely be celebrating this holiday on the 13th, count me in!