The upcoming outdoor living line at Kmart looks impressive this year!

I have my eye on some Jaclyn Smith and Country living lanterns! Does anyone know if Sandra Lee will have any outdoor living products at Kmart this year?


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  1. Hi, Deb! I am also excited to see more of the Outdoor Living brand. I think my husband will love the apparel and I will love the price point. :) I will check on the Sandra Lee Outdoor Living question for you, stay tuned!

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      Hey Laurel, this is the time of year I start getting spring fever, so I search outdoor furniture and flower pots on websites lol! So far, I really like the furniture and pots and planters that Kmart has added!

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      Hi Deb! Just received word that there will be no Sandra Lee collection for 2013 in Outdoor Living. There are lots of other nice pieces for 2013 though, I agree! I am also prone to spring fever this time of year and have been browsing the Outdoor Living collection on a bit as well. Wishing for an early spring this year in NC!

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      Thanks for checking for me. I noticed that her brand is expanding to other areas in the stores like curtains, candles and seasonal items like Halloween and Thanksgiving so I didn't know if she would have any outdoor products this year. I'm glad to see the Country living brand making a comeback in the outdoor section this year! I've always liked the quality of that brand and I'm a fan of the magazine! Can't wait to see the products when they hit the shelves!

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      I too hope for an early spring like last year! After Christmas I just want the snow to go away and the flowers to come back! Everything looks so dull and gloomy when the decorations are put away! I got a bunch of backpacking gear from Rei for christmas from my family and I can't wait to try it all out! I'm planning on going in march (I don't care how cold it might be) to the ice age trail in Wisconsin! Last spring I backpacked the Grand Canyon and in the redwood national park! I also went to Colorado and fell in love with that state! It would be nice if Kmart sold some more backpacking type gear in their stores, but that might not work for them. All this talk about camping has me really feeling the spring fever, and it's only January!

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      Colorado is so neat indeed, Deb ! Unfortunately, my new snowblower is sitting in the box in the living room, waiting for me :( . . . I know that our suburban Chicago snow will be here sooner than we could know... Splendid tree too, dear !!!

      Happy Mid-January :):) !

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      Hi yobarps! Well, we got snow here the other day so I'm assuming you did as well. How have you been lately?

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