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This Monday I was at the Kmart store, at the till I redeemed my points for the “redeem all your points get $5 in points off” promotion, so I took advantage of it. But however the cashier forgot to redeem my other 3 manufacturer coupons, and I wasn’t gonna waste time and money especially since I paid my friend $20 to drive me to the Kmart store, so we cancelled the transaction and re-rung the purchase successfully and I paid, however the “redeem all your points get $5 in points off” promotion did not apply since it was a one-time use promo. so the lady that was helping the cashier said to call the number to get them. But when I got home I called up and decided not to ‘request credit’ since the SYWR card was already scanned. But should I do that, or should I call (not sure to who, according to the options) or e-mail someone or what else..?

Just not sure even though I’ve been in been in SYWR for 3 years. Still haven’t gotten sure of all of it yet, Almost though..


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  1. Hi, PrincessAM. Please call the Shop Your Way Rewards support line at 1.800.991.8708 for help with this. You will need to speak with a Shop Your Way Rewards Support Representative.

    Hope this helps!

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