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  1. Harrison Ohio.Its and old Rinks Bargain City Converted to a Kmart about30 Years ago.How much Money do you think this Old CASH COW HAS GENERATED IN 30 YEARS?????Very little has been done just enough to pass fire and health inspections.Its the only Competition is Roses Big Lots and Kroger!Kmart is Missing A Big Opprotunity Here.Lots of New Homes being built and Industry.Walmart has 65 acres here for sale.The voters wouldn't let them build a Supercenter here.They purchased the land before realizing that the community didn't want them.TIME TO SPEND SOME MONY ON THAT OLD BARGAIN BARN!!!!!!

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      You are right on the money, they can definetely capitalize on these types of situations and need to open up more SuperKmarts as well but will they??

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      Similar situation up in Saint Johns MI, Walmart wanted to expand a store they already had in the city limits into a SuperCenter but the city said no. Walmart packed up and built a new store on the outskirts of town which left Kmart as the only "big box" retailer in the city limits. Those wanting to go to Walmart SuperCenter have to drive past Kmart which opens the opportunity to bring up their sales yet the parking lot remains quite empty. Sales are alright at this store but its barely making it because of the fact SHC doesn't put enough money back into the store to make it more attractive for customers. The Garden Center was a HUGE turn off for me last season and I'm a loyal hardcore Kmart shopper. Dead & dying plants baking in 100 degree heat in direct sunlight directly in front of the store being the first thing a customer sees is not good at all, especially when its left like that all season. Kill the plants out of employee neglect, throw them out! Nobody wants to buy a dead plant in rock hard dried out potting soil. lol

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      Hi Izel,

      Yikes! The appearance when first entering a stores location sets the mood of how the store is run inside. That really saddens me to hear that this one neglected one of the most crucial visuals before entering..

      I hope this season brings about healthier plants ;)

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      Hi bconner,

      I would love to provide you with an answer on when they might be able to upgrade the stores, like you, we too are in the dark where this topic is concerned.

      As I am new to this Community I have not read all of the posts that members have posted before joining, so I am very sorry if I had offended you in any way in not knowing your true location. As I mentioned before, even though it is listed under your username, it is not always the location of where you may live. This I have found out by other members in the Community.

      We moderators try to gain as much information as we can for our members,but at times it is not always feasible.

      In your 59 years you would have watched this store progress in some aspects as well as deteriorate in others as other members have had in their own home states. So I understand completely on why this question was posted.

      Once again, I am sorry that we are not able to give you precise information but once we hear any news on this topic we will surely let our members know for we all have local stores that could use some TLC. ;)

  2. Hi bconner!

    Thank you for posting your question in the Community.

    Is there a particular store/s that you are speaking of?

    Thank you!

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      He said Harrison OHIO, did you even read the blog in its entirety or did you just skim through it? Come on wendy!

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      Did you even check the dates of the replies? He did NOT write "Harrison Ohio" until AFTER Wendy asked. Come on vinny101!


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      bconner Harrison Ohio Darn It

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      Please Answer the Post not the comments.I have asked many Questions that always seem to go unanswered.I also mention the Harrison store on here Quite often its 4 miles from my Home.I've lived in this area all my 59 years!

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      Wow! Harrison, Ohio does not have a Walmart, Meijer, or even a Target. I would think that Kmart almost has captive customers there!

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