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Received an email from SHC couple weeks ago asking if I’d be interested in trying out sample products, figured they would be small items until a giant box containing a queen size memory foam gel mattress arrived just now! WOW!

What do I do from this point? Just lay on it & wait for a follow up email? I didn’t receive any detailed instructions with the package besides general use info. This is hilarious in an awesome sort of way.


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  1. Howdy all !
    For2Day, I'm restarting here at the top of things for the convenience of the "Ladder of Confusion" in the response pattern on this site (I hope that they repair it soon!)

    For2Day, I believe that it is just a 'topper' unit indeed, and I plan on using it sometime this weekend, and finishing my review the next morning of the pad. And I can't remember if I checked the 'mattress' box or not, but I will be getting back in to modify my choices, for I just want hand tools and small appliances only, really . . . . Thanks for following this thread as close as you have {^^, !

    1. In response to yobarps

      And I will include the full experience of the self-move of this item in my review, For2Day :):) !

  2. No such luck for me and man could my body use some help. But, glad for both of you and I guess I will take a look to see the differences in the types at some point. That is a funny story of how it was received but is it a mattress or a topper type to lay over the mattress. Have a good end of the week everyone.

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      I was able to up-end mine from the porch and then I 'walked' it to the inner garage door, where I was able to lay it down on the two steps and into the house on the carpet there. I then stood it up again and propped it against the wall until I open it and try it on the bed later this weekend... WHEW !

      Have yourself a good LaborDay weekend, For2Day :):) !

    2. In response to For2Day

      Hi For2Day! I just checked and you are actually in our next wave of items to test and review. You will be getting an e-mail hopefully very soon to test an item! Have a great holiday weekend!

    3. In response to For2Day

      I am going to assume then it is not simply a top for the bed but a whole new experience. Wow, sweet dreams. I was really surprised to hear about moving it about, better give pointers in your review or how to best maneuver it. I would read it just for that info. I often have to move things myself and can use all the advice as possible. I suspect it will be a good read so hope to catch the review.

    4. In response to For2Day

      Thanks for checking, I appreciate your going to all that effort. I don't get much of a chance for reviewing like I used to do so I am a bit rusty. But, I also love product testing and look forward to this opportunity. Enjoy your holiday also.

    5. In response to For2Day

      I finished my review of the Night Therapy 8'' MyGel® Memory Foam Mattress. It's on the Sears site under mattresses. Hope you like it, and LondonTeaTime also shared a review of it as well :) !

    6. In response to For2Day

      Thank you, yobarps! I'm going to go check out your review now on what you thought of it! We appreciate you participating in the program!

    7. In response to For2Day

      It was my pleasure, Ryan :) ! It's an awesome program and I hope to be of help to it !

  3. I also received this box, my friend !!! I saved the welcoming email, which included a link to the review that should be completed within seven days... I plan on trying it out this weekend :) ! Good luck in your trial !

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      How wonderful you two!!

      The bed sounds heavenly! Sleep tight and have a restful night!

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      The one sent was a queen but I have a king size bed but no big deal, still able to try it. When I get my new dryer purchase out of the way first, I believe I'm going to buy one of these mattresses in a king size for my bed.

    3. In response to yobarps

      I hope that your experience as well as For2Days' is fulfilling for this item ! I didn't think that I selected "mattress items" in my list neither (like you), but it came nevertheless :D ! Happy sleep-study, you two !

    4. In response to yobarps

      Thanks, Wendy ! A restful 'nigh to you too, Sweetness !

  4. Hi Izel8326! I have to say your post made me laugh out loud! We are very excited you wanted to participate in our product review program! We sent the instructions to the e-mail address provided from your survey results. I would be more than happy to send you the instructions again or maybe check your spam folder in case it went in there? If you want to e-mail I will respond with the instructions. Hopefully you haven't fell asleep on the new mattress yet! :-)

    1. In response to SHC-RyanO

      Thank you for sending the info to my email, will do a review in a few more days. So far so good. :-)

    2. In response to SHC-RyanO

      I am a little confused to how to post here, but wanted to thank you for starting it ize18326 because it was very informative and kind of fun to read. And, I think that yobarps wants a response of the survey. I was not going to check mattresses but ended up doing so. I am actually trying eventually to get a futon type to have over my old mattress. But, the reviews I have read pretty much say to check the item out in person. So, at the spur of the moment without thinking I clicked on mattresses. I did not check furniture, because I am not sure what that meant or if it could be used by me. Things like lamps, or cube storage etc. did not seem like that would be there. And, this particular item was not sent for me to test and that is why I am interested in hearing what this product is.

    3. In response to SHC-RyanO

      Hi For2Day! Once the products are confirmed for your group, I will send you a little note beforehand to let you know! :-)

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