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So what is your Valentine’s Day story? We want to hear all about it!

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  1. I have only one beautiful memory involving my 2 kids.

    On this day I had bought my kids our normal little box of chocolates/ heart candies with each of them getting a personalized Valentine card from me.

    My daughter felt bad that they had only given me a card (homemade), so they both went out to backyard to play (or so they said) and told me not to follow for they have a surprise coming.

    So I starting fixing lunch I could hear the water being turned on and off outside and as I looked out the kitchen window, I can see 1 of them carrying a watering can to the side of the house.

    About a half hour later they call me out to the back porch and tell me to close my eyes. So I carefully walked outside with my eyes closed an all of a sudden they yelled "Happy Valentines Day mommy!"

    As I opened my eyes they had this huge heart shaped mud pie with decorations of 1 flower, twigs, rocks, and whatever else they could find outside. This of course brought tears to my eyes for it was such a wonderful thought and they were beaming from ear to ear.

    What stands out the most is these 2 little kids standing in front of me holding this huge mud Valentine cake with mud all they way up their arms all over their pants and my youngest with mud smudging all over his face.

    This is one memory that I truly did not need a camera for! ;)

  2. While I don't have a really good memory to share, I will say that Valentine's Day has taken on a whole new meaning once we had kids. They are SO into it-it is a blast. It is 3rd in their mind after Christmas and Halloween.

    We usually make our own Valentine's for the kids in their class (super easy, and they really love personalizing them to each friend). Then, lots of candy from family members as the week goes on. It is really fun to experience it through their eyes!

  3. I've shared this story before in the community but have to share again because it is my favorite Valentine memory! :)

    When I was a teenager, my boyfriend at the time gave me a huge heart shaped box full of gummi bears (my favorite candy!) all positioned by color to spell out 'I Love You'. It was the most adorable gift. So thoughtful and sentimental.

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