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For those interested, I’ve been a member of ZoomPanel Surveys for a few years. Recently they have added a gift card option when you reach the point level of 2500, just cashed my points in for a $25 Kmart gift card. They have quite a few gift cards to chose from besides Kmart but thought I would let those out there know who are interested. is the site to get started and no this is not spam! I suggested they add this option a couple years ago but they responded it was impossible to transfer points to cash value. lol


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  1. HI,

    I am like For2Day, I too had joined but quit a long time ago for I was not seeing results as I had expected from it.

    Its great that they have now added some great rewards and I am sure many others will now participate.

    What a great share! ;)

  2. Nice way to earn some extra spending money, Izel. Thanks for sharing! I really like that you suggested this Rewards Program to the company. It's nice to hear that ZoomPanel was able to implement your idea in time as well!

  3. They were near the first of the survey groups that I joined and I quit them long ago, only getting a magazine. I am glad they have good rewards now, and people will be interested.

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