Sturgis Michigan Kmart

I just would like to say the store in Sturgis Michigan once again won my vote for one of Michigan’s best Kmart stores! The team at this store does an awesome job keeping this store looking its best inside & out. I’m not a big fan of the layout in this store but the people in this area are lucky to have such a great Kmart store to shop at.


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  1. the Super Kmart in Taylor, Michigan is one of the best in Michigan.

  2. That's great news ! Even my local Kmart has pulled themselves up a few notches !

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      I would only hope each Kmart store SHC has left can follow suit and get things straightened out since there aren't many left now days so it shouldn't be too difficult at this point to fix whatever issues are in need of attention. :-)

      This store in Sturgis is just so different, you have the pet food isle, laundry detergent isles directly in front of you when you enter the store. Directly to your left is the check-out lanes with the pharmacy in the far back corner just past past those instead of in a more central location like most Kmart stores.

      Everything decor wise like the bagged ice cooler is VERY retro. If not for some of the newer updated signage & those inside shopping in modern clothes you would think you slipped back into 1978! lol

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      When I say retro I'm talking that fake wood look slapped on stuff, sticky fake wood paper wrapped around appliance look. LOL

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      I'm guessing that the look was done on purpose ; I'd hate to think that it was actually that old, LOL !

      A coworker friend of mine just took me back to 1978, explaining his love of those huge Lincoln Towncars and the Disco music from that era !

      And I too hope that SHC will re-focus on improving the current stores. And a few re-openings would be so boss(another '70s term) !

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