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every time I go to the Palmer, MA kMart, I am reminded of why I hope I never have to go back!! Today I went in with my daughter to pick up an MP3 player. As we walked into the electronics department a female worker, looked at us and walked out. My daughter quickly made her choice and I looked around for an employee~none was to be found. After a few minutes of walking around the aisles close to electronics, I made my way to lawn & garden and asked for help. Someone there paged a worker for me. 5 minutes later, when no one came, I went to the service desk and asked again. After waiting another 5 minutes, “Matt” showed up and immediately began helping the customer who had just walked into the department. Despite the fact that this customer had multiple questions and seemed in no hurry to make his choice, Matt never acknowledge our presence until we had waited at least another 5 minutes and I ‘rudely’ interrupted to say we had made our choice, we just needed the player taken off the locked rack. To make matters worse, when we went up to the cash register, they were “short handed” and it took us another 20 minutes in line ~despite the fact that there was only one customer in front us~ evidently, our cashier was the only one who knew how to do things at the ‘customer service’ desk so she kept having to leave our line to go help the other workers.


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  1. Hi bkause,

    Welcome to the MyKmart Community!

    We appreciate you reaching out and sharing the problems you encountered with your experience in purchasing your MP3 player and the level of customer service rendered when you reached out for assistance.

    Would this be the store on WILBRAHAM ROAD? If so, I would like to forward your complaint on to the management team at this location to let them know of the issue's you had encountered during your visit.

    Again, we appreciate you reaching out and sharing for we are always striving to make more of a positive shopping experience for our customers.

    Thank you!

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