Still NO refund from Thieving Kmart.

Items confirmed received by warehouse November 11, 2012. Emails state that refund has been issued. Bank says Kmart is a group of thieves, ripping off customers right and left this year. Be warned.


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  1. Have your credit card start a dispute on them to get your money refunded back to your card.. Thats what I just did. Jan 4th they cancelled my order due to computer glitch and told me my items I had in the online layaway were no longer available , which was a lie because I checked,They have been telling me they are refunding my money back on my visa, today Jan,30th still no refund so I just started a dispute from my visa , hopefully they get me my money. They owe me $168.99

  2. It's January 16th now. TWO MONTHS later and kmart/sears has not fully refunded my purchase. Shame on you kmart. Shame on you sears. You're a bunch of thieves.

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      Have your card dispute them, I started that today Jan. 30 2013, I'm in the same boatv as you,and there are others as well . I've even been in hospitol for severe anxiety from them, my next step is lawsuit.

  3. How did you pay for this? Can't you do a chargeback? Did you use a debit card, does it have a Visa or MasterCard logo? Same rules should apply as far as chargebacks.

  4. Hi, kmartshoppie1. I have escalated your feedback to the Kmart Customer Care Team who can help you address this further. Please check back for a message from the Team soon. Thanks for taking the time to share your concerns here!

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      Check back where? Here? I see you tell many people that same thing, but I never see any Kmart employees posting anything except what you just said. Bogus responses are not helpful. I want my money returned to my bank account.

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      Here I am checking back. No response from anyone at all. What gives, Kmart?

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      Still no word from anyone here at the lovely MyKmart Community. Is everyone busy fending off other angry customers?

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      No, personal information about your transaction will not be posted in a public forum. You will be hearing about this at the email address you used to sign up with for your "kmartshoppie1" account. Please also try to have some patience and take into consideration the other members of this forum. No one wants to hear you ranting and raving when a polite request for follow-up action can accomplish exactly the same thing.

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      This is a Robotic site think logical.Luke use the Force!

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      It doesn't make much sense to say, "check back" then, does it ERICDN? And I do agree with you about accomplishing the same thing. I have been polite in emails, I have been polite on the phone, I have been angry in emails, I have been angry on the phone, I have ranted in this forum, and YES, it has all accomplished exactly the same thing: KMART HAS NOT REFUNDED MY MONEY.

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      lmao, good luck with the escalation dept. no luck for a month with them refunding my money, if they don't I should give you my contact we can start a suit against them , there are others, and ive been in hospitol for anxiety due to them

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      ranting & raving , maybe you should have respect for those who were ripped off and stay out of it. noone should have to wait months for a refund of their hard earned money.

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      contact me, we can contact lawyers

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