Spend $50.00 and get .30 cent off BP Gas???

Hi I just spent about $65.00 today at K-Mart and didn’t get the voucher for the .30 cent off gas. I was rushing to work so I didn’t stay to find out but the K-Mart that I shop at still has the signs up and i didnt get a coupon. Has this particular offer ended? Because the signs are still in the front of the store for the offer.


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  1. Hi Retesha. Welcome to the MyKmart Community! The current gas offer is running from Oct. 6 – 12, you can save $1 per gallon on gas when you spend $40 or more on select Clorox, Kimberly-Clark and Unilever products at a participating Kmart store.

    Please click here to view details and feel free to contact your local Kmart if you feel your purchase qualified for this offer. Reach out to your local Kmart Customer Service Team for additional support!

    Hope this helps. Thanks for reaching out!