Sorry, but I have another question! I have a TV on layaway that I’ve been paying on but the Black Friday/Thanksgiving weekend deals are better! It would be worth it to take the cancellation fee to get my money paid back and spend it on Black Friday! But I was wondering if you get the layaway refund immediately at the store or if you have to wait for corporate to mail you a check? I’ve never canceled a layaway so I’m unfamiliar!


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  1. Well, I went to the store and got the answer myself. You get the refund on the spot when you cancel the layaway, minus the cancellation fee, of course, In my situation, it just makes sense because the holiday TV prices and offers are worth far more than the cancellation fee.

  2. Hi, tea! I believe the refund is processed immediately in-store using the same method of payment used to initiate the layaway contract. To be certain you can make the best decision in this case, I would suggest inquiring with the local store where you plan to process the refund before deciding to cancel. Hope this helps!

  3. Hey there, Tea :)
    While I don't know the answer to your question, I'm curious if you plan on securing a BlKFry tv online or at the store ? Do you know that there will be enough stock for you to get one, before you cancel your layaway...?

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      LOL, Yobarps, a lot of it depends on the answers to my other question about sale times and store openings! There are a couple of TVs I'm interested in during the Thursday and other sales. If I canceled the layaway, I could actually buy two TVs, one for my son!

      Also, I thought that the TV I put on layaway was a special price or special purchase but it turns out that they have the TV all of the time and frequently put it on sale! In fact, the TV is on sale at the same price I paid right now!

      I just need to gather all of the necessary information and strategize, hahaha!

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      I see :) ! Happy hunting, and I hope that you will be golden in the end :} !

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      Best Buy!