Something I learned about TVs — hope it helps others!

I bought one of the Seiki TVs, despite reading a few reports saying that the sound is really bad. Others said the sound was great. I thought I’d take the chance. So I was really disappointed when we first turned on the TV and the sound was AWFUL. We turned the volume all the way up and you could barely hear the audio. My son asked me if I was going to return the TV or buy speakers, lol. BUT …

I don’t know what told me to disconnect the cable and try out the TV with an antenna but that’s what I decided to try. And the sound is awesome! So, the problem isn’t with the TVs, it could very well be with the cable service. Test that out before faulting the TV.


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  1. Thanks for the information! I've been thinking of buying a big screen TV, and, because of the low price, Seiki is one of the brands I have been looking at.

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