so why when you bring to a managers attn at the store that their pricing isn’t ringing up correctly their answer is opps. and then they treat you like its your fault?

so I was purchasing clothing and hair/makeup products and when I was checking out the prices were all wrong eventhough they had clearance stickers on them. I was told that it happens (10+ items?) and then told that they don’t need customers like me just shopping for clearance items so they don’t care if I ever return. Why is this their practice?


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  1. OMG, they said that to you? Whoever did should be fired immediately! They're still making money off Clearance items. There's a huge markup on clothing, especially! They pay ladies in Third World Countries 30 cents an hour to sew clothing all day for all of the American companies AND designers!

  2. Hi reallymadatkmart. I am very sorry to hear about this experience. Can you please let us know at what Kmart location this occurred?

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