Smart Sense & Image Essenitials products out of stock

I noticed in one Kmart store in my area, the Smart Sense & Image Essentials products are quite low and some completely out of stock. When online shopping or just wasting time on the Shop Your Way Rewards page its also come to my attention these same products are “out of stock” online too. Is Kmart doing away with these brands in favor of a new in store brand or just having problems restocking these items? I ask this because its been a few weeks for a lot of these products to be out of stock on top of a rumor I read over a year ago on the old MyKmart Community site about the Image Essentials brand being phased out completely. I hope that is not the case because both brands are great brands I purchase a lot of products from.


2 answers

  1. Hi Izel,

    I have not heard anything different on both of these brands. I have also read through the Newsroom and did not find any information there either.

    If we hear any news on our end we will surely keep you updated. ;)

  2. May Be There switching To The Popular Line Of Big k Poducts?