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Kmart should provide coupons for Smart Sense products at the check-out lane. Having coupons for these products print out during the check-out process would be a great way to introduce customers to these products if they haven’t already tried them over the more expensive options. For example, if a customer buys a bottle of Dawn dish washing detergent a coupon would print out for the same size of the Smart Sense brand but it would be at a Buy one get one price but only with the coupon.


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  1. Hi izel,

    I think that would be a wonderful way for others to try a new brand an to help save a little bit of money. Its amazing how much these brands taste or clean like they are one in the same product.

    My family has always been big on trying other brands. How do you know if you like it if you don't at least try it?

    Thank you for posting your thoughts an suggestions ;)

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